Yorkshire Fastest 50 Awards 2021

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Glassflake Ltd manufacture glass flakes made from a special borosilicate glass and other types of glass. This glass, manufactured with thickness grades between 350 nm and 1╬╝m is used extensively in the...

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Newsletter – 2020 Q4

We are pleased to launch the first edition of our quarterly newsletter. To stay up to date with the very latest updates here at Glassflake, follow our LinkedIn Page.   Click here...

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COVID-19 Update – November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a personal and commercial impact across the globe. At Glassflake, we wish to reassure our customers, suppliers and partners that our priorities remain in protecting the...

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Additive Manfacturing Printer

Glassflake Additive Manufacturing

The latest advancements in glass flake manufacturing and process make this material an ideal performance additive for 3D printed components. Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing area, forecast to increase in value...

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Glassflake Ltd has developed an innovative manufacturing process which enables accurate control of glass composition and flake morphology, creating optimised glassflake performance for an expanding range of applications. The unique manufacturing process...

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Understanding and Use of Glassflake

As part of our continued dive into the company archives, we are sharing a technical paper titled ‘Understanding and Use of Glass Flake’. The paper, co-authored by Charles Watkinson and Simon Brigham...

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SSCT Annual Meeting

Southern Society for Coatings Technology

Glassflake are delighted to providing a technical presentation at 2020’s Annual Meeting of the Southern Society for Coatings Technology (SSCT). This will be titled ‘Glassflake: A novel additive for performance coatings’. This...

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Aerospace Applications

Glassflake has an extensive history of use through aerospace composites and coatings. The high aspect ratio of glassflake, with associated high surface area, provide performance enhancement to a range of aerospace components....

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Parliamentary Review

Parliamentary Review – 2017/18

We are highlighting our inclusion in the 2017/2018 Parliamentary Review, specifically the Manufacturing & Services publication. During times of uncertainty we will continue to dive into our archives to highlight company milestones....

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