Quality Policy

Glassflake is a pioneer in the glass flake products, utilising the rotary process which was developed in house to produce the most diverse range of glass flake products available in the market place. Glassflake also produces effect pigments with strategic partners which are marketed under our Moonshine® and Astral® brands.

We continuously invest in the development of new products and process technologies which, in combination with the foundation of our unrivalled knowledge and know-how base, makes us the innovator and the global leader in production of glassflakes and effect pigments as well as process technology.

Our headquarters and main manufacturing site are located in Leeds, UK.


As a Company, we are committed to:

  • Improving manufacturing efficiencies – by continually improving our processes and working systems to ensure that the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services and hence customer satisfaction are determined and addressed and that Customer focus is maintained.


  • Improving manufacturing throughput — by working with customers to ensure that our product and services fully meet their requirement and expectations.


  • Improving personnel — by developing people, and ensuring that all employees are suitably trained, motivated and equipped.


  • Complying with all relevant legislation and regulations.


We aim to support these commitments using our Quality Management System that is intertwined within the strategic direction of our Company. The Quality Management System is continually audited periodically; monitored and reviewed to assess its effectiveness and to provide opportunities for further improvements to enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Our Company recognises that Quality is the responsibility of every employee extending from Management to the production room. It is the duty of all employees and stakeholders to ensure that our products and services meet the Quality criteria set by the Company.

We support a culture that values the highest quality performance from every employee and every function with the objective of building in quality.

Our Quality Policy statement is reflected in our Quality Objectives, both of which are reviewed on an annual basis and, where deemed necessary, updated and re-issued.

Our Quality Management System has been audited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

This Policy is available to relevant interested parties, upon request.


Sarah Ross - Quality Manager Signature

Sarah Ross, Quality Manager

1st June 2023