Glassflake is a world leader in the manufacture of unique performance enhancing materials. The company has worked with a number of global research centres, both commercial and academic, to develop a diverse range of standard products. To this day, innovation lies at the heart of what we do, in developments of new products, processes and end product applications.


With proprietary borosilicate manufacturing technology Glassflake is able to produce continuously thinner glass flakes to as low as 100 nanometres, whilst controlling planarity and particle size morphology. This morphology allows for exceptional properties, when used as a performance additive in coatings or plastics, through to enabling unique effects as an effect pigment substrate.

Sub-micron Effect Pigments

Moonshine Astral Effect Series pigments have been developed with market leading borosilicate glassflake, which have an average thickness of 350 nanometres. These are coated with high refractive index metal oxides, resulting in unique pigments that display strong interference colours combined with high transparency and extraordinary gloss.


Glassflake believes in the importance of open innovation and as such have developed strong working relationships with a range of external companies and world class universities. This ensures that the company remains at the forefront of technological development and innovation in the fields of glassflake manufacture and related material sciences.


Calcium borosilicate glassflake has demonstrated promising results in boosting SPF ratings of commercial sunscreens. This is not our field and we only have limited knowledge and equipment to evaluate the efficacy of our glassflake in sunscreens. We are interested to hear from parties with knowledge in progressing this research work and these findings further.

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