Product Updates

Additive Manfacturing Printer

Glassflake Additive Manufacturing

The latest advancements in glass flake manufacturing and process make this material an ideal performance additive for 3D printed components. Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing area, forecast to increase in value...

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Aerospace Applications

Glassflake has an extensive history of use through aerospace composites and coatings. The high aspect ratio of glassflake, with associated high surface area, provide performance enhancement to a range of aerospace components....

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Case Study – Gas Platform

A recent approval for glassflake in a polyurethane coating has lead to the material now being applied on the deck areas of gas platform. The platform will be located in Malaysia, in...

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Protective Coatings

The protective coatings market has been a major consumer of glassflake materials for many decades now. In fact, the very first glassflake produced in Leeds, UK by Glassflake Ltd was supplied to...

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Powder Coatings

With advanced manufacturing technology for glassflake, the material is now much thinner and more consistent than previously possible. The thinner flakes, especially so around 1 micron of thickness, are ideal for use...

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Automotive Applications

As the automotive industry strives to advanced transport technology, their material engineers continue to reach out to Glassflake to provide solutions to their challenges. From creating more durable materials to prolong the...

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performance wood coatings

Wood Coatings

The global wood coatings market is set to pass a value of $1 billion by 2025, with a large growth forecast in the home sector and for construction purposes. Much of this...

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Reduced Diameter Flake

Glassflake has developed further products to meet the demands of the expanding thin film coatings market, with reduced particle size while maintain a high aspect ratio material. Utilising the thin flake available...

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Floor Coatings

The performance enhancements provided by the use of glassflake in coatings lends naturally to the formulation of protective floor coatings. Properties such as enhanced moisture vapour control, improved abrasion resistance and chemical...

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