Sustainable Procurement Policy

As a manufacturer of glass, we use natural materials. Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that through our supply chain and collaboration with partners, that any social or environmental impact are minimised.

Trading Responsibly 

We have a fundamental role to play in trading responsibly, with honesty and integrity always. We therefore strive to ensure that the organisations we deal with, our suppliers and their representatives, share this responsibility and live up to our shared values and standards. From sourcing raw materials to delivering safe products to customers, we are committed to responsible stewardship at every stage, meeting all relevant legislation and registrations.

This is the core to our commitment to SDG 17; Partnership for Goals, with effective collaboration in the supply chain, resulting in greater positive impacts.


We collaborate with EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating provider. We use its universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools across four areas: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This year (2024), we received a silver rating from EcoVadis. Improving on the previous year by achieving an average score of 66, we continue to reinforce our commitment to progressing our sustainability focus, by setting ourselves ambitious targets to reduce energy consumption. This is through innovating in glass melting technology and batch processing.


Glassflake LTD (Group) is in the top 10% of companies in sustainable procurement, rated by EcoVadis, in the manufacture of glass and glass products industry. 


Responsible and Ethical Trading 

As part of our commitment to responsible and ethical trading, we developed a Supplier Code of Conduct, with outlines our sustainability commitments and key principles for suppliers to do business with us.

Find out what our Supplier Code of Conduct covers here.