Wood Coatings

9th April 2019

Glassflake material can be used to combat blistering of wood coatings by two mechanisms: reduction in Moisture Vapour Transmission (MVT) and increase in coating dimensional stability. As seen below, layers of glass flake create a tortuous path to water vapour, preventing water vapour accumulating under the coating to form bubbles. This is especially apparent with thinner grades of glass flake, providing more layers of barrier in the film. Glassflake’s ECR-glass composition has been formulated to provide chemical resistance against a wide range of corrosive compounds, providing exceptional protection from any household chemicals. The refractive index of glass flake is 1.52, an excellent match to many polyureathane resins, allowing for use in a range of clear and pigmented coating systems.

Fire is a constant threat to any wood components, either in furniture or on a larger scale in wood flooring. Glassflake provides effect fire retardancy to coated wood, offer an oxygen barrier that prevents flame spread across the surface, as well as reducing smoke emissions from any fire. Wood coating formulations including glassflake can be used to provide effective protection to household furniture and ornaments, through to wood gymnasium floors from settings in high schools through to professional basketball courts.