Floor Coatings

9th April 2019

The performance enhancements provided by the use of glassflake in coatings lends naturally to the formulation of protective floor coatings. Properties such as enhanced moisture vapour control, improved abrasion resistance and chemical resistance are key characteristics that can be improved by the use of glassflake.

A key use for glassflake can be found within damp-proof membrane (DPM) coatings, typically applied to ‘green’ concrete floors. The flake within the DPM provides overlapping layers of impermeable glass, creating a tortuous path of permeation for any moisture still within the concrete. This allows
for further coating films to be applied above the DPM and prevents lengthy delays in construction projects awaiting a fully dry concrete slab.

Given the excellent chemical resistance of ECR-type glassflake, it is ideally suited to provide improvements in the chemical, food and beverage processing markets. The glass within these films reduces chemical damage to the over coating system, as well as protecting the underlying concrete from expensive damage caused by spillages and leaks. Coatings formulated with glassflake are also used extensively in heavy foot and truck traffic areas; here the hardness of the glassflake offers mechanical reinforcement within the resinous system and reduces wear and abrasion.

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