Eastern Coatings Show – USA

9th April 2019

Glassflake are pleased to be presenting a technical paper titled ‘Glassflake – A Novel Additive for Industrial and Heavy Duty Coatings’. This will explore the properties that the unique glassflake material can provide, such as permeation barrier improvements, increased weather resistance and mechanical property improvements. Advancements in glassflake technology will be discussed and this will reflect into the range of possible coating applications that could make use of glassflake.

Glassflake’s local representative and distributor, Terra Firma, will be in proud attendance as an exhibitor at the show. Further information on glassflake materials can be found at their booth in the exhibit hall, No. 223. Hosted by the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, the New England Society for Coatings Technology and the Metropolitan New York Coatings Association, this show is intended to offer educational and technical presentations to create a profound understanding of the theory, the science, the manufacturing and the marketing of coatings to highlight the improvement of coatings performance and functionality beyond traditional expectations.

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