ECR Glassflake

Extra Chemical Resistant (ECR) Glassflake imparts improved chemical and corrosion resistance properties and was originally formulated for the coatings market. The glass formulation has inherent high resistance to chemical breakdown. All ECR Glassflake is made by the spun method, allowing the production of much thinner flake than traditionally possible as well as facilitating excellent control over the thickness of flake produced. The thickness of ECR Glassflake ranges from 1 micron to 5 microns and is available in three particle size distributions.

With the availability of thinner grades of Glassflake, produced by the spun method of manufacture, a greater number of glass flake layers are formed within the film, increasing the length of the tortuous path. With this the rate of permeation can be reduced further, often by an order of magnitude, if not greater, while also requiring a lower loading level of Glassflake.

The use of thinner flake also allows the retention of a high aspect ratio flake, even when there is a requirement to significantly reduce the particle diameter, for example with a thin film coating.


  • Excellent long term chemical resistance
  • High Mohs hardness, imparting scratch resistance
  • High aspect ratio to provide barrier properties
  • Large surface area provides isotropic reinforcement
  • High thermal stability, cyclic and sustained
  • Neutral mass tone for pigmented systems
  • Leafing behaviour in coating film
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessParticle DiameterTDSMSDS
GF1001.0 - 1.3 µmAvg. 160 µm
GF100M1.0 - 1.3 µmAvg. 120 µm
GF0011.0 - 1.3 µmAvg. 30 µm
GF001-101.0 - 1.3 µmAvg. 10 µm
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessParticle DiameterTDSMSDS
GF3002.3 - 3.3 µmAvg. 160 µm
GF300M2.3 - 3.3 µmAvg. 120 µm
GF0032.3 - 3.3 µmAvg. 30 µm
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessParticle Diameter TDSMSDS
GF7505 ± 1 µmAvg. 160 µm
GF750M5 ± 1 µmAvg. 120 µm
GF0075 ± 1 µmAvg. 30 µm


  • Anti-corrosive coatings
  • Flexible packaging films
  • Performance plastics reinforcement
  • Fire retardant flooring
  • Effect pigment substrate
  • Additive manufactured components
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Chemical resistant tank linings
Tortuous Path to Permeation in a Glassflake Coating



ECR Glassflake is used in the growing powder coatings market, from home appliances to the highest performing architectural coatings.