Abrasion Resistance

Glassflake is a hard mineral material, with a high Mohs hardness of 5.5. This imparts an increased hardness to the surface of any glassflake containing material, giving an increase in both abrasion and scratch resistance. Optimum abrasion resistance is achieved by using micronized grades of glassflake, the uniform thickness and smaller particle sizes of these materials give a well packed material, adding to the reinforcing effect.

The use of glassflake to provide abrasion resistance can be evidenced in a number sectors including: moulded plastics components in automotive interiors and the specialist protective coatings used to line pipework. The internal surface of the pipe lining is protected by glassflake from abrasion by impact from particulate matter carried in the fluid, maintaining a smooth surface.
Glassflake is also used extensively in flooring top coats, where smaller micronised glassflake demonstrates optimal packing, to reduce the abrasion impact of heavy vehicle and foot traffic in warehouses and production facilities.