Who is Glassflake?

Glassflake Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture of glassflake; an engineered, performance enhancing additive. Following an initial research project in the early 1980s to manufacture glassflake for anti-corrosive coatings, the development of the ‘spun method’ of production has enabled the material to expand into a broad range of applications.

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Glassflake is a platelet material, of high aspect ratio; controlled by manipulation of the thickness and diameter of individual flakes.

Glassflake Applications

Glassflake is utilised in a diverse range of applications, giving improvements in areas such as barrier, reinforcement and thermal properties.

Powder Coating Application


Glassflake based coatings are used in a variety of sectors to give superior protection in a range of demanding environments found in areas such as chemical processing and industrial manufacturing.

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Glassflake provides reinforcement to a wide range of plastics, from commodity products such as food packaging, through to high performance plastics for the medical, electronics and automotive sectors.

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Glassflake, commonly known as borosilicate, are the ideal effect pigment substrate due to the neutral mass tone and smooth surface, combined with the highly planar dimensions.

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Glassflake remains a leader in global research projects, which continue to identify performance benefits offered by glassflake materials in a range of specialist and novel applications.

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