Beyond core markets of coatings, plastics and effect pigments, the performance enhancing properties of glassflake are used by materials engineers in an ever widening range of applications. This expansion of glassflake applications can take one of two shapes: firstly in the use of existing glassflake technology in novel applications and secondly in the development of novel glassflake materials to solve challenging problems.

A key example of this is the reinforcing properties of glassflake used in the tyre manufacturing industry to prolong the lifespan and control rolling resistance of vehicle tyres. Glassflake is also used extensively across a number of flooring applications, from the more traditional liquid applied coatings, through to tiles of both laminate and carpet.

By example, the morphology of the flake can be tailored to meet specific requirements both in the thickness and particle size distribution. Where the flake is being used in a novel resin system, a tailored surface treatment can be applied to the glassflake surface to ensure improved glass-resin interaction. For specialist applications, the glass composition used to produce the flake can be altered, one example being a low melt temperature glass containing further fire retardant materials to improve fire scenario performance.



Novel areas of glassflake application in all areas of the modern car