Dielectric Strength

Glassflake, especially of E-glass composition, has a high dielectric strength, making it an ideal additive to impart additional insulating properties to composite materials. The insulating effect is exaggerated when using thinner materials, making this an ideal area of application for 1 micron thickness E glassflake, due to its higher surface area.

Applications utilising the high dielectric strength of E-glass flake include engine bay automotive parts and adhesives for semi-conductor power modules. This alongside the mechanical properties imparted by glassflake make it an ideal material to work with to provide performance enhancements. The flake can be incorporated into a number of media to enhance the electrical insulation properties, from extruded wire and cable plastics through to calendered and creped performance paper products.

Product Range Used

E Glassflake

ECR Glassflake