E Glassflake

E glassflake is produced from electric type glass, specifically formulated for use in polymer and composite applications, sharing a composition with many commercial fibre glass products. The glass has a excellent inherent strength, as well as a high dielectric constant, ideal for insulating applications.


  • High inherent strength, transferred to composite
  • Silane surface treatments available to enhance incorporation
  • High dielectric strength, for insulating purposes
  • High surface area reduces warpage and shrinkage
  • Provides fire retardancy through oxygen barrier
  • Inherent leafing behaviour
  • Available in agglomerated form to aid processing
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessParticle Diameter (µm)TDSMSDS
GF100E1.0 - 1.3µmAvg. 160µm
GF100ME1.0 - 1.3µmAvg. 120µm
GF001E1.0 - 1.3µmAvg. 30µm
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessParticle Diameter (µm)TDSMSDS
GF750E5 ± 2 µmAvg. 160µm
GF750ME5 ± 2 µmAvg. 120µm
GF007E5 ± 2 µmAvg. 30µm

E glassflake is available in two nominal thicknesses and a range of particle size distributions, to meet dimension requirements. All grades of E glassflake show high aspect ratio, due to the low thickness and have an associated high surface area. This high surface area is fundamental in providing many of the dimensional and thermal stability properties that are given by the incorporation of glassflake into a resin matrix. Given the end product applications for the E glassflake, the use of silane surface treatments on the glass is especially important, for both aiding manufacturing through harsh processes such as extrusion as well as ensuring optimal interaction between the flake and resin in the finished part.
E glassflake is also available in agglomerated form, to facilitate easier processing and handling, using an epoxy resin as the binding agent.



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  • Engineering plastics
  • Automotive components
  • Wire and cable
  • Additive manufactured components
  • Medical devices
  • Electrical casing compounds
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Conveyor and power transmission belting