Glassflake Ltd Announces New Distribution Agreement

9th March 2020

Glassflake is delighted to announce that it has entered into an official distribution agreement with Chemtrust, Lda.

Chemstrust is a Portuguese distributor boasting a wealth of experience and technical knowledge across a comprehensive range of markets. Chemtrust is strategically placed in Maia to service customer requirements.

Sandra Baía, Commercial Manager states “since day one Chemtrust assumed a position of wanting to bring more than just raw materials to the market. We want to make a difference through the service and also through our partners. We are looking forward to work with Glassflake because they offer exactly what we aim to give to our customers, meaning high valued technical solutions that will improve the final products making them stand out through innovation and performance. We expect to create innovative projects together with Glassflake and the customers in a partnership that will give us the quality mark that we want to be known for.”

Glassflake is an engineered, performance enhancing additive. Our innovative manufacturing process enables accurate control of glass composition and flake morphology. This optimises glassflake performance for a range of functional and decorative applications including; coatings, printing inks and polymer reinforcement. The range of applications benefiting from the use of glassflake is continually expanding. We are looking forward to working in close collaboration with Chemtrust in order to provide innovative solutions for Portuguese customers.

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