Powder Coating Summit

29th August 2019

Glassflake are delighted to be presenting a talk at this years Powder Coating Summit. The presentation is titled: Glassflake: A Novel Additive for Powder Coatings, providing an introduction to the use of glassflake materials in coatings. A more detailed overview of the presentation content is as follows:

Glassflake has an extensive history of use in liquid applied coatings, dating to a first introduction in the 1950s – with enhancements in the manufacturing technology of glassflake materials, the same property enhancements are now available to the powder coating formulator. Performance improvements such as: moisture vapour barrier, fire retardancy & mar resistance can now be provided to coating systems, irrespective of application technology. Examples of the use of glassflake technology in powder coatings include providing improved corrosion protection to steel substrates, through to enhanced durability in architectural powder coatings to conform to AAMA 2605 standards. This presentation aims to illustrate how glassflake can be used as a performance enhancer in all coating systems and how these improvements can be best utilised in powder coatings. Linked to advances in glassflake manufacturing technology, the presentation will also address advances in effect pigment technology. The availability and benefits of borosilicate effect pigments based on sub-micron glassflake substrate will be discussed.

Taken from the organisers’ website, PCI provide a compelling event, useful for all in the powder coatings market. This powerful, annual event offers engaging lectures and fascinating lab demos from the nation’s top raw material technologists, equipment suppliers, pretreatment experts and formulators that will provide you with the most up-to-date industry information and trends that will help you obtain that competitive edge you need to not just survive, but thrive. The summit will be held at the Hilton Columbus, OH from 2nd-4th October 2019.

Further details on the event and registration forms can be found here.

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