What is Glassflake?

Glassflake is a platelet material, of high aspect ratio; controlled by manipulation of the thickness and diameter of individual flakes. The Glassflake Group uses an innovative manufacturing process which has enabled accurate control of glass composition and the production of thinner flake (as low as 100nm) with uniform thickness and exceptional consistency. Flake is typically produced from 4 core glass formulations, though specific glass types can be formulated to accommodate customer requirements. The broad range of standard grades coupled with the capacity to manufacture tailored products allows our customers to improve both their products and processes.

Glassflake product nomenclature

Glassflake is extensively used as an in-situ barrier in coatings and polymers, to improve reinforcement and thermal properties. Sub-micron thickness Glassflake is used as a unique substrate for metal oxides to produce effect pigments.

Glassflakes are characterised according to the flake thickness, particle size diameter and glass composition. For enhanced performance they can be surface treated with organo-functional silanes.

Flake thickness

Glassflake thickness can be measured manually by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or using an automated spectrometer. The Glassflake Group manufactures flake with discrete nominal  thicknesses ranging from 100 nanometres to 7 microns, with the ability to produce flakes with minimal deviations in thickness, which is critical for demanding applications.

Particle size diameter

Particle size diameter (PSD) is measured by either sieve analysis or by the more accurate laser diffraction technique. The Glassflake Group produces three core nominal diameter distributions (unmilled, milled and micronised), as well as a multitude of customer specific grades.

Glass Composition

Glassflake is offered in a number of compositions, each formulated to provide application specific performance.

Typically ECR and C Glassflake is used for coating applications. ECR Glassflake is used as a pigment substrate and ECR and E type Glassflake is used for polymer reinforcement.