C Glassflake

Glassflake’s single specification C-type glassflake fulfils the requirements of numerous applications, with a globally recognised set of morphology specifications. This composition of glassflake aids manufacturers on a global scale in production of accredited glassflake containing formulations at lower cost than with higher specification flakes.


  • Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Floor coatings
  • Chemical tank linings
  • Performance plastics reinforcement
  • Printing inks
  • Construction materials
  • Structural steelwork coatings
Product CodeNominal Flake ThicknessTDSTDSMSDS
GF750C5 ± 2µm170 ± 20µm
GF750MC5 ± 2µm90 ± 20µm
GF750MSC 5 ± 2µm80 ± 20µm
GF007C5 ± 2µm35±15µm

C glassflake is manufactured by the traditional bubble method, which has been used consistently since the 1950s to produce a standard specification glassflake material. This material and production method is globally recognised, given the wide spread use of the material among the largest manufacturers of protective coatings and performance composites for decades. In comparison with the more technologically advanced spun method, the bubble method offers a lower cost alternative, using the C glassflake composition. In using this older bubble method of production, the variance of flake thicknesses can be wider than that seen when using the spun method. C glassflake has been used to provide extended lifetimes of protective coatings, many of these coated parts remain in service for many decades after installation in the harshest conditions.



C glassflake is used in a range of floor coating formulations


  • Wide range of particles sizes
  • High aspect ratio, provides barrier properties
  • Cost effective
  • Imparts physical fire retardancy
  • High hardness, giving abrasion resistance
  • High optical transparency
  • Inherent leafing behaviour