Glassflake offers a range of performance enhancements to the coating formulator, through the high aspect ratio of the individual platelets of glass. Glassflake has an extensive history of use in the coatings industry, this has expanded from traditional applications in heavy duty protective coatings to almost any commercial coating material, where there is a requirement for service longevity.

Thin platelets of glassflake overlap within coating films, creating a lengthened 'tortuous' path for any permeation of moisture or destructive ions. This effect is used to provide a barrier to moisture in anti-corrosion coatings such as those used on offshore installations, through to providing an oxygen barrier in fire retardant systems. This coupled with the chemical resistance of ECR glassflake offers excellent substrate protection in the harshest of conditions. This protection extends to physical attack, the hardness of the flake increases the resistance of the overall coating system to abrasion and wear.



Protecting against extreme environments



Protecting assets for extended service life

Product Range Used

ECR Glassflake

C Glassflake