Mechanical Reinforcement

The chemical resistance of glassflake comes from careful formation of the glass, prior to the flaking process. Glass compositions can be tailored to provide specialist properties, in this case, the ECR-glass, which is produced in the UK has been formulated to provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Glassflake has a natural 'leafing' behaviour, providing a number of layers of chemically resistant glass, even within thin film coatings.

This increased chemical resistance of the glass composition, protects the coated substrate from harsh chemicals, making it an ideal material for use in markets such as chemical processing, as well as food and beverage manufacture. Glassflake coatings can be used to improve chemical resistance of a number of materials, from the internals of processing tanks to concrete floor coatings.

The requirements for chemical resistance extend away from purely industrial arenas, glassflake is used to enhance the chemical resistance of domestic paint products. The glassflake provides protection from aesthetic deterioration when treated with household cleaning products.