New dimensions for industrial applications



Glass flakes have been extensively used in the coatings industry for many years, imparting exceptional barrier properties. Glass flake coatings systems work on the principle of forming a tortuous path of platelets within the coating film, which results in a significant reduction in permeation rates. Glass flake filled coatings have a similar thermal expansion coefficient to mild steel, they better withstand thermal shock and offer low lateral shrinkage during cure.

The multiple layers of flake reinforcement in a coating enhance resistance to mechanical abuse and abrasion and give excellent resistance to undercutting.

Although the initial use of glass flakes was in anti-corrosion coatings they are now used in various applications ranging from fire retardant coatings for steel protection to use as a substrate for effect pigments.

In thermoplastics, glass flakes are primarily used to reduce warpage and improve dimensional stability. They also positively affect heat distortion temperature, tribological properties, thermal and UV stability and impact resistance when compared to other mineral fillers.