A cut above the rest


A core competence at Glassflake is that of innovation, and significant part of its profit goes into investment of the R&D expenditure in order for Glassflake to sustain its competitive advantage in a global market. R&D at Glassflake includes working both with and on behalf of the customer, identifying their needs and offering solutions to meet their requirements.


With its proprietary borosilicate manufacturing technology Glassflake has been able to produce continuously thinner glass flakes over time to as low as 350nm, whilst controlling planarity and particle size morphology. As such, when used as a pigment substrate it offers unique application benefits to formulators.

Intense colours at sub-micron level

In addition to inducing colour through metal and metal oxide coatings, Glassflake has developed a range of self-coloured glass flakes, achieved through the combined use of nucleating and colouring agents in the glass formulation. It is possible to achieve intense colours at sub-micron thickness, and applications for these glass flakes include automotive and architectural coatings.


Glassflake believes in the importance of open innovation and as such have good working relationships with a range of external companies and world class universities in order to accelerate their know-how and technological capabilities in order to remain competitive in the industries in which it operates.