Pioneers in glass flake technology

Glass flakes were first used in the late 1950's for reinforcement of polyesters, they were then quickly adopted into the anti-corrosive coatings sector as an in-situ barrier, only later finding their way into the effect pigments sector as a substrate and into wider use in polymers to improve mechanical, barrier and thermal properties.

Glassflake was formed in 1987 as a result of extensive research and development to create a technically superior type of glass flake than the one available in the marketplace at that time, specifically for the coatings market. Substantial innovations in production and glass technology were required to achieve these products. Glassflake introduced glass flakes with lower average thicknesses and significantly lower thickness deviations as well as improved glass compositions.

From our inception to present day, our focus is continuous and market leading innovation; throughout our history we have developed new and novel glass flake products. Part of our continual product development has given rise to a number of innovations exclusive to the Glassflake Group including:

Functional glass compositions
Moonshine® effect pigments
Glass flake with 1 micron thickness
Inherently coloured thin glass flakes
Ultra-thin glass flakes
Cosmetic grade glass flakes

Table of History:
  • 1980 - Concept of novel glass flake rotary production
  • 1983 - First glass flakes produced on new process
  • 1987 - Formation of Glassflake Ltd in the UK
  • 1993 - Development of 3 micron thick flake for the Industrial Coatings Market
  • 1998 - Development of ground breaking 1 micron flake
  • 1999 - Introduction as pigment substrate
  • 2001 - Development of metal coated flakes for decorative and functional applications
  • 2003 - First sub 1 micron product produced
  • 2005 - Complete sub 1 micron range released
  • 2006 - Development of LA type glass specifically for the Pigment market
  • 2007 - Formation of Glassflake Australia Pty Ltd
  • 2009 - Joint venture Glassflake China Production Facility; Langfang, Beijing
  • 2009 - Development of Effect series pigments
  • 2010 - Development of glass with inherent colour in thicknesses below 5 microns
  • 2010 - Development of glass with inherent colour in thicknesses below 5 microns
  • 2012 - Addition of colour travel series to our Moonshine® pigment range
  • 2013 - Launch of sub 1 micron flake glass flakes as the 'next generation' of effect pigment substrate.
  • 2013 - Development of ultra-thin glass flakes for cosmetic fillers